2016 Tournament

2016 Tuna Category Winner

2016 Shark Calcutta Category Winner

"Janice Marie" - Captain Rico Syphers

"Hogg Tied" - Captain Kristian Zoller

Check out some of the highlights from our 2016 Newburyport Shark and Tuna tournament. Feel free to share any photos you may have from this event so that we may upload them for reflection and anticipation of things to come!


Tails up!

Congratulations to 2016 Tourney Winners


Tuna Category

1. “Janice Marie” – Captain Rico Syphers

2. "Betsy G" – Captain Will French

3. "Final Offer" – Captain Steve Mscisz


Shark Calcutta Category

1. “Hogg Tied” – Captain Kristian Zoller

2. “Fishy Bizness” – Captain Ed Cloutier

3. "Trapper John" – Captain Chris Orsillo


Shark Catch and Release

1. “SALT” – Captain Tom Nee

2. “Fishy Bizness” – Captain Ed Cloutier

3. “Hogg Tied” – Captain Kristian Zoller

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